OnTimize your all messages

Send messages at the right time and places.
Your On-Time Messaging app.


Why tico

Another instant messaging app ?

On-Time Messaging

tico is your first On-Time Messaging app.

Your all messages will be sent at the right time
through designate them to specific time/places.
(Just as fun as paste sticky notes on desks or refrigerators.)

And messages now become no bothering anymore.

Crucial / Suspended Area

No more guilty for the embarrassing 'Message Seen'

Each message has its own limited area to be read.
Messages are suspended in default and will be readable only when they are actually in the Crucial Area.

Life Regain

Suspended Area brings your life back again.

To keep the Suspended Area is to keep life Life Zone in the other hand.
Messages now become so annoying is because of the over 'Instant' feature.
So, the day when we start setting areas which categorize and suspend messages,
it's also the day we regain our lives back again.

Download APP Now !

Leave message to the right time and place.
Find space back to our lives.